Small Business Units for Combe Martin

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Small Business Units

No potential sites have, as yet, been identified. A significant development, promoted by CMCCT and it’s partners, has been the formation of Combe Martin Community Land Trust(2018). Whilst primarily involved in the provision of socially affordable housing the Land Trust will also be reviewing and pursuing available sites, and will have a major input into retaining village assets and environment.

Project title & strategic  priorities

Small business units

SP 2

Description & rationale

Facilities/premises for business startups, whether industrial or craft are extremely limited within Combe Martin. This has forced several local businesses to locate in other towns with loss of economic benefit for Combe Martin. A working group will investigate possible sites and funding.

What it will deliver

Identify sites and make provision of  small industrial/ craft units

Estimated cost


Resources required to deliver

Project management. Bid writing

Next steps & dates

Form project group. Provide initial report to partners by  July 2017

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