Multi-sports facility for Combe Martin

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Multi-sports facility for Combe Martin

Considerable investigatory work on this project has been undertaken and is continuing. A major obstacle is that Hollands Park was placed in Trust with the Playing Fields Association in 1956, a fact not widely known or remembered in Combe Martin, and any potential development will need their approval.

Project title & strategic  priorities

Multi-sports facility

SP 2, 5, 6

Description & rationale

There are very limited sports facilities, particularly indoor within Combe Martin.

Significant potential space exists at Hollands Park.

A working party will be formed to consult, process and implement a schedule to deliver an all-weather multi-sports facility. This will also provide employment and an income stream.

What it will deliver

A purpose built sports and community  centre at Hollands Park

Who will lead & key partners

CMCCT, CMPC, Sports clubs & associations

Estimated cost


Possible funding streams

Sports associations. Match funding

Resources required to deliver

Project management. Bid writing

Next steps & dates

CMCCT to fully identify and involve  partners into a working party. To report by July 2017 and proceed  thereafter.

Note: the picture is an example in Germany.

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