Housing Survey in Combe Martin

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Housing Survey in Combe Martin

CMPC obtained the necessary grant and the survey was undertaken. This revealed at least 17 individuals in need of housing, with the true figure almost certainly higher. This outcome was a significant factor in the establishment of Combe Martin Community Land Trust (2018) which is carrying forward the work of providing affordable housing in Combe Martin.

Project  title & strategic priorities

Housing survey

SP 2, 6

Description & rationale

Community consultation reveals significant concerns re lack of affordable housing. A survey will be done to establish more precisely housing need, possible sites,and potential funding.

What it  will deliver

Identification of  local housing need and  indications of methodology going forward.

Who  will lead & key partners

CMPC, CMCCT, Devon Rural Housing Partnership, NDC

Estimated  cost


Possible  funding streams

Awards for all

Resources  required to deliver

Project management. Funding. Data analysis.

Next  steps & dates

Distribute survey. Analyse results. Identification next steps. By April 2017.

Note: The picture is an example of affordable housing.

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