Energy resources for Combe Martin

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Energy resources for Combe Martin

A grant for an energy survey was obtained by CMPC, which has been undertaken. Unfortunately, the survey did not identify opportunities for delivering alternative/cheaper energy resources within Combe Martin, at a level necessary for business investment. Whilst there are means of providing energy for individual households, they are not at the scale required to encourage inward investment.

The Project will be reviewed at intervals dependent on technological change and funding opportunities.

Project title & strategic  priorities

Energy resources

SP 2, 4, 6

Description & rationale

Combe Martins environment has the potential to deliver cheaper energy, potentially for both business and private users. The potential exists to produce hydro-electric, solar, wind, tidal, heat exchange and bio-mass power.

A survey to identify options should be undertaken.

What it will deliver

Short term identification of potential. Long term cheaper energy

Who will lead & key partners

CMCCT, CMPC, Energy sector, NDC,

Estimated cost

Initially £20,000

Possible funding streams

Government grant

Resources required to deliver

Project management. Government funding. Private partner

Next steps & dates

Identify survey partner. Apply for grant. Undertake survey. Completion by February 2018, thereafter  identify next steps

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