Community Fund Raising for Combe Martin

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Community Fund Raising for Combe Martin

Shortly after the publication of the Economic Plan, a Charity shop in Combe Martin announced, at short notice, that it was closing. CMCCT and its partners rapidly established there was significant community support for establishing a Combe Martin Community Shop, to raise money to support Combe Martin activities and organisations.  Funding was found for refurbishment, and a Community Enterprise Organisation was created. Strong support from the community ensured a team of volunteers are available to staff the Community Shop, which has already donated substantial sums of money to the village.Special mention must be made of Martin Worth and Carole Parsons for their driving roles in the creation of the Community Shop.

Project title & strategic  priorities

Fund raising

All SP

Description & rationale

To raise a community chest for match  funding. The potential for a village lottery  will be investigated and if possible a lottery will be instituted. Working  party to also consider other forms of fund raising.

What it will deliver

Monies for match funding

Who will lead & key partners


Estimated cost


Resources required to deliver

Project management

Next steps & dates

Form working group. Report by June 2017. Schedule timetable thereafter.

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