New website for the Team News

Peter James
February 7, 2020

CMCCT website

As required, a website was set up within a month, and was well received. Further work was undertaken in 2018, and the decision was taken to subsume the CMCCT website into the newly created website of Combe Martin Tourist Association. This work has been funded and undertaken, and during 2020,the new subsite will be updated with new information.

Project title & strategic priorities

CMCCT website

What it will deliver

A modern efficient fly-through website with maximum search engine optimisation (SEO) efficiency

Description & rationale

Existing Combe Martin websites were assessed by public consultation to be ineffectual for a variety of reasons. A website is necessary to carry the Economic Plan of the CMCCT. It was decided to create a website which would be as effective as possible in advertising Combe Martin and linking with all other appropriate websites.

Who will lead & key partners

CMCCT, Local enterprise

Estimated cost


Possible funding streams


Resources required to deliver

Professional input

Next steps & dates

Launch website by March 2017, continue to develop thereafter

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