Business Hub for Combe Martin

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Business Hub for Combe Martin

At the initial six-month review of projects, CMCCT discussed the fact that all advice received in respect of this project to that date was negative. The need for such a facility was not demonstrated and similar resources were widely available on line. It was decided to discontinue this Project.

Project title & strategic  priorities

Business hub

SP 2, 6

Description & rationale

Community consultation highlighted a lack of support and resources for existing and new businesses. A working group will investigate need, possible premises, available support and funding. The possibility may exist to tie this in with the Beach Adventure Centre.

What it will deliver

A resource to provide meeting and  networking facilities, business advice and support.

Who will lead & key partners


Estimated cost

Not yet identified

Resources required to deliver

Project management

Next  steps & dates

Form working party by May 2017. Establish working parameters and work schedule by July 2017. Report by October 2017.

Combe Martin Museum/Information Point
Cross Street, Combe Martin,  EX34 0DH
Telephone: 01271 889031
Combe Martin Tourism