Broadband/phone signal for Combe Martin

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Broadband/phone signal for Combe Martin

CMCCT have not yet set up a Working Party to progress this Project, due largely to lack of appropriate resources. As other projects are completed, we hope thereafter to commence this one.

Project title & strategic  priorities

Broadband/ phone signal

SP 2, 6

Description & rationale

Poor broadband and phone signal was widely identified as a serious issue for Combe Martin. CMCCT will enter discussions with existing providers, investigate potential methods for improvement and proceed to implementation.

What it will deliver

Improved communication facilities

Who will lead & key partners

CMCCT, Business partner, DCC, ENPA

Estimated cost


Resources required to deliver

Working group. Professional input. Negotiations with provider companies.

Next steps & dates

Form working group from within CMCCT by  May 2017. Commence work programme by June 2017. Improved service by June 2018.

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