Combe Martin Beach Adventure Centre

Peter James
February 7, 2020

Beach Adventure Centre

This project is under review, in terms of commencement date. Once resources/personnel are available, planning and funding resources will be investigated. A site has been identified, which is not disclosed at this time.

Project  title & strategic priorities

Beach adventure centre

SP 1, 3, 5, 6

Description & rationale

Combe Martin has wonderful natural facilities including a sheltered bay, footpaths and cliffs to accommodate a wide range of activities as described above. What is lacking is the infrastructure to accompany this. A purpose built centre near the beach will provide a facility and focus to encourage visitors who are interested in these pursuits. It can provide YHA style accommodation, eating facilities, an external climbing wall, lockers, storage, guidance and a meeting point. This would boost visitor numbers, extend the season and provide local employment.

What it  will deliver

A focus for activities such as  watersports, walking and other activity pursuits. Provide accommodation and  employment. Provide an eating place.

Who  will lead & key partners

CMCCT, CMPC, Sports and leisure associations, NDC

Estimated  cost


Resources  required to deliver

Bid writing. Project management

Next  steps & dates

Form project working group. Identify site. Design centre. Obtain planning. Funding. Commence build. Completion by 2020

Note: Picture shows Lusty Glaze, Newquay

Combe Martin Museum/Information Point
Cross Street, Combe Martin,  EX34 0DH
Telephone: 01271 889031
Combe Martin Tourism