About The CMCCT

Peter James
August 31, 2018

Who Are We?


The Combe Martin Coastal Community Team (CMCCT) has been working on the Economic Plan since its creation in 2017.

A wide range of projects were outlined in 2017, and are reproduced and updated in this document.

Sadly,two members of our Team have died during the last 3 years, and we pay tribute to Pat Chesterton, and Peter Wilkinson, who did so much on behalf of our community. Additionally, others in the team have had periods of illness which have caused some delay

CMCCT have both worked directly on projects and been enablers/encouragers to our Partners in order to achieve the goals set out in the Economic Plan.

Following this report, we hope to be able to refresh our Executive with a few new faces,review all our Projects and identify changes or new directions as required.

With limited resources, CMCCT believe we have achieved a great deal for Combe Martin, from the Economic Plan. We have been remiss in publicity, and not trumpeted our work as much as we should, hopefully this document will help offset that failing.

The projects are reproduced exactly as they were in the original document, which made clear that they would change and evolve, and the updates clearly show how correct that was!

Finally, as Chairman of Combe Martin Coastal Community Team, I must pay a heartfelt tribute to the members of the Executive, for all their work on behalf of Combe Martin, to the various Partners of CMCCT, who have been so supportive, and in some cases, heavily involved in our Projects, and to the community of Combe Martin itself, who exemplify what a great community should be. I hope the Combe Martin Coastal Community Team will continue to deliver results and improvements to help this wonderful village.

Peter James

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