CMCC Team Meeting Minutes


Minutes of CMCCT Meeting 30 March 2017


Peter James, Chairman. Penny Jackson, Bryan Cath, Vince Irwin,Shirley Willoughby, Martin Fletcher, Jenny Easton, Pat Chesterton, and Tricia Hampson.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were signed as being a true record.

The CMCCT website had been sent to Liz Byron within the time frame. It will be developed so that all local organisations can access it by links on their own sites.

The meeting agreed that Lorna Jones would be employed for 14 days at £175 per day.


1.) Willow Planting is now under way.

2) The Energy Survey Tender should be completed within two weeks.

3.) Martin Worth to be contacted to check whether the MUGA plans previously proposed at Holland's Park are still extant.

4.) Fundraising

a)The Village Hall Players to be asked if they would raise money for CMCCT.

B.) The idea of the Village Lottery will be further explored.(Pat Chesterton, Nick Stevens)

5.) Communication and Promotion

a.) Notices to be placed in T.I.C., P.C. window, V.H. noticeboards inside and out and a notice board placed near to the bus stop in Buzzacott Close on P.C. land. This should cover the whole village. Jenny to organise the latter. Articles in Shammackite each month ensuring that CMCCT information will be open and transparent. (Peter James)

b.) Brian Cath offered to design an open group F.B page.

c.) A C.M. leaflet needs to be designed outlining projects to date. (Bryan Cath)

As Penny has other commitments at the moment she will not be the lead in the Media Team

Chairman will make presentations to the T.A., coffee mornings, T.I.C and interested groups.


1. £5000 of leftover funds will be allocated to improving the beach area concentrating on the Scar area first. Ramps, a barbecue area and a boardwalk. As fibre concrete is £1000 per load volunteer labour and machinery will be needed. Simon Dovell is to asked for advice on planning requirements.(Peter James, Vince Irwin, Martin Fletcher and Pat Chesterton.

Cohesion between statutory organisations needs to be in place to devise an integrated plan for this area.

SWW are to install extra ventilation systems so there will be no need for an extra tank on the beach.

The showers need replacing and the lavatories must be retained. (P.C.)

Provision of storage lockers for valuables and sports equipment need to explored.

Vince was thanked for liaising with the Foc's'le for the painting of the premises and permission for the sea wall to be painted. B&Q are to be asked to contribute paint via their Community Fund. Pat will check with the Probation Service whether they can incorporate painting within their pay back scheme.

Beach Adventure Centre

Feasibility studies to be explored. Dual meeting room/accommodation and study facilities for field trips, schools and universities. (Peter James, Vince Irwin)


Needs updating to incorporate The Medieval Parish Church, the Football Club. the Silver Mine etc. (T.A., Jenny Easton, Penny Jackson and Pat Chesterton)


Tourism Marketing

Needs input for Walkers and Water Sports enthusiasts.

Sally Nelson from NDET, P.C., T.A. SWCP, Lorna Jones (Martin Fletcher, Bryan Cath)

Silver Mine

The over ground area needs further development. The Museum,Chimney, Plumb Bob House and barriers need upgrading. The Adit at the rear of the Pack o'Card's  garden needs adding to the list of finds. The Mine area at the moment is open on Thursday mornings.

Heritage Strawberries

Paul and Bruce Wyborn are already planting these.

Heritage Trail

With perhaps two to three Tours per year, incorporating, the Parish Church, West Challacombe Manor, (N.T. interested) Pack Horse Bridges,and Lime Kilns.

Heritage Guide

Peter will ask the local Drone expert for advise on taking photographs for this. (AONB)

Major Attraction

Hugh Monroe and Dave Sharratt will be investigating possibilities.

Parks Enhancements

A.J and Carly from the Heart Centre will focus on this.

Adderstable Woods should provide a profit within two years with the right management. John Fowler's to be contacted about reinstating the paths linking to the Caravan Site.


The meeting closed at 12.15pm

Future meetings will be bi-monthly when projects are in place.The next meeting will be on Thursday 27th April.


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Cross Street, Combe Martin,  EX34 0DH
Telephone: 01271 889031
Combe Martin Tourism