CMCC Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes of CMCCT 27 April 2017

Present Peter James, Chairman, Shirley Willoughby, Jenny Easton, Pat Chesterton, Martin Fletcher and Tricia Hampson.

Apologies were received from Bryan Cath.

1.)The projects which Lorna Jones will be concentrating on are:-

Beach Enhancements, Beach Adventure Centre, Heritage Guide,Multi Sports Facility and Small Business Units. The MSF has extant plans from a previous project which was not pursued. Yvette Gubb will check with NDC. If her agreed hours run out before sufficient progress has been made, the Executive will make further considerations.

2.) Liaison with the Tourism Association is ongoing with regards to the Web Site, Tours, Marketing and the Heritage Guide.

3.) The P.C. is applying for grants for the Energy Resources project.

4.) The Chairman has ongoing discussions with the Silver Miners re strawberries, etc.

5.) Encouragement for local shopping. Possibly consider a scheme where limited parking could be free, perhaps on a similar 'clock'display as in disabled parking.

6.) Now that the 500 willow cuttings have grown sufficiently,they will be planted in suitable locations to help the valley keep its head above water. Management for the pollarding etc. will be put in place.

7.) The project for the management of Adderstable Woods is in hand.

8.) It was agreed that plans for a Business Hub were not viable at this time. Combe Business, Robert Zarawycz, chairman, is an important organisation covering our locality.

9.) Peter will meet with Mike Mather to discuss Broadband and phone signals in the area.

10.) The possibility of providing a Care Home within the community could be part of a Pathfinder Scheme as the closure of council and private run homes is happening at an alarming rate. The deeds for the Community Centre have now been discovered and the education trust for which the P.C. runs it has certain covenants on its usage which need to be considered.

11.) The results of the DCC Housing Survey are yet to be published.

12.) As previously agreed, £5000 will be set aside for the Beach Ramp and initial improvements for which plans will be drawn up by an architect, hopefully pro bono.

13.) The Constitution will be amended so that a bank account can be opened.

15.) Fund Raising. The Village Lottery could be run on the lines of a '1000'club. The proceeds will go to a Community Chest which can be used for match funding for future projects.  Pat will provide members with the relevant information regarding the legal aspects of running one. A group will be set up to organise this.

16.) As soon as the combined website is up and running, Bryan will implement the Face Book page.

17.) The signage group had explored the  possibilities of a display similar to Porlock's at the entrance to its village. Once sizes are agreed on, estimates will be sought. It was agreed that the format would have a central landscape with the beach, silver mine, church, strawberries and Earl of Rone symbols around the edges. Debbie Brennan is to be contacted to provide  a rough design outline.

The meeting closed at 11.45am.

The next planned meeting will be in July.


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