CMCC Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes of CMCCT 26th July 2017

Present Peter James, Chairman. Shirley Willoughby, Jenny Easton, Brian Cath, Penny Jackson, Pat Chesterton, Tricia Hampson.

Apologies Vince Irwin.

Minutes of previous meeting agreed as a correct record

Matters arising  A meeting had taken place with the Tourist Association to discuss a closer working relationship. It had been agreed to completely revamp the two websites under the heading 'Visit Combe Martin'. With this in mind, Brian Cath agreed to putting forward names of suitable web site builders and undertook to maintain the site when completed. A meeting of the TA will take place in September to progress closer working.

Lorna Jones had identified fund holders for the heritage strawberry project and other project briefs and would provide a data sheet of funding organisations.


Dr John Vernon's fee had only been £345.

There was a balance of £7978.54 in the funds with £5000 allocated to the development of the Scar.

It was agreed to open a bank account with the Nationwide Building Society. Ted Jones and Graham Pedlar would be approached with a view to becoming Treasurer.

Project updates


The cost of the signage would be £2130 plus VAT. It was agreed to ask Yvette and John to contribute from their Councillor's charity allocations. The Wildlife Park has made a donation of £200. AONB may be able to give a grant.

Beach Enhancement

It is hoped the Devon Dorset and Cornwall Rehabilitation Company scheme will provide 10 days of work within the village. There is discussion about the  P.C.  repairing the beach steps.  The work at the bottom of the Scar will incorporate a barbeque area. The school will be invited to take part in making shell designs on the barbecue area. A power supply will be provided if possible


Adam's Hay is being worked on currently by volunteers

Heritage Strawberries

There is a meeting next week with the Silver Miners. The Wyborn brothers are still finding more and more information on the heritage strawberry varieties.

Adderstable Woods

Peter Wilkinson has researched a viable plan for the management of the woods with possible craft units as a spin off.


The grant forms for the £20,000 feasibility study have been sent off.


Housing Survey

Results from D.C. are awaited.

Flood Prevention

500 willow whips have been planted. These will form the basis of the 20,000 in future years.

Report back

It was agreed to hold a Public Meeting in the Village Hall on the 8th September between 2pm and 5pm to give an update on the progress so far.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 13th September at 11am.

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