CMCC Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Combe Martin Coastal Community Team held 22 March 2018

Present Peter James Chairman, Bryan Cath, Pat Chesterton, Jenny Easton, Shirley Willoughby and Tricia Hampson.  

Apologies were received from Peter Wilkinson, Martin Fletcher and Vince Irwin.                                              

Minutes of the previous meeting, having been circulated, were signed as a true record.

Matters arising The Fresh Start Meeting had been a great success with 32 village organisations taking part. Many had picked up new and potential new members.

The account is now up and running with Nat West.

Grant applications have been submitted to Leader 5 for both the Activity Centre and the Beach enhancement projects including the Jetty and Green Hills development.


Signage After a disappointing intervention by Devon Highways the agreed sign was not deemed to be suitable as they thought would be a distraction to traffic. That design will now be incorporated on a wall within the village, possibly on Seacott. A new design was agreed and will be installed as soon as possible.

Adderstable Woods have been registered with the Land Registry'

Energy Survey A grant for £18000 has been received to carry out relevant works.

Internet and Broadband It had been agreed to liaise with Exmoor National Parks on this subject.

Tourism Association website. Representations had been made at their Annual Meeting and work is progressing.Dave Sawkins will design the new logo and site and will undertake the CMCCT one at the same time so that it will be ready.

All other projects are progressing.

The meeting closed at 12 noon. Next meeting date to be confirmed.



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