CMCC Team Meeting Minutes

Meeting of CMCCT 13th September 2017

Present Peter James, Chairman. Martin Fletcher, Bryan Cath, Jenny Easton, Shirley Willoughby and Tricia Hampson.

Apologies were received from Vince Irwin,Penny Jackson and Yvette Gubb.

1.) Ted Jones has accepted the post of Treasurer and he will open an account at Nationwide for us.

2.) Website Discussions with the Tourist Association are ongoing. Bryan has obtained three quotes for designing a new website. Two were from large commercial companies which were unsuitable and far beyond our budget. The committee agreed to accept the one from Dave Sawkins on Bryan's recommendation. The 'visit Combe Martin.' site will cost £1740 and the '' site £420. It was agreed that Bryan be reimbursed £400 for the amount of time and expertise which he has expended on pursuing this. Simon Stuart will liaison with the web designer to incorporate some of his brilliant photographs to give the site a 'wow' factor. Peter and Bryan will liaise with the T.A.

3.) Constitution Ted Jones and Peter Wilkinson will be invited to join the Executive and possibly Doug Seymour from the Parish Council.

4.) Signage It was agreed to go ahead with the Active Signs , installation costs need to be identified.. Roger Richard, the Exmoor Ranger, is advising on the turnpike signs. Jenny Carey-Wood from AONB has been very helpful and there may be funding available from them.

As the Twinning with Cormelles le Royal is still extant, 21 villagers going over for the 40th Anniversary at the end of the month, that sign will need to be renewed.Depending where we come in the voting from Tesco's Community Fund we should receive either £4000, £3000 or £1000 pounds. John Lovering and Yvette Gubb have each donated £250 from their budget for this project.

5.) Lorna Jones has been paid £175 which leaves a total of£7828.59 in the kitty, of which £5000 is earmarked for the beach access. Simon Dovell will hopefully draw up plans, and local volunteers will be involved.


6.) Projects  Peter Wilkinson has drawn up a superb brief on the development of Adderstable Woods.Other projects are progressing.

There are still monies available within the Leader 5 fund and the Chairman will explore this further.

7.) Public Meeting will be held in the Village Hall on October 8th and will follow the format of the inaugural meeting. There will be a brief presentation updating on projects followed by questions from the floor to avoid duplication. Flip chart sheets with project headings and their progress will be on the tables with post-its to enable comments to be given. Finance sheets and Minutes will be available.

Secretary to provide a summary of volunteer hours since inception to show how much work has gone on behind the scenes which can then be used for match funding.

There may be a change of venue for meetings which could beheld in the Museum as they are not open every day during the winter months.




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