CMCC Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes of CMCCT 10th January 2018

Present Peter James - Chairman, Bryan Cath, Pat Chesterton, Martin Fletcher,Jenny Easton and Tricia Hampson.

Apologies were received from Shirley Willoughby.

The Minutes of the previous meeting, having been distributed,were read and signed as a true record.

Financial Report An appointment had been made for Friday to finalise the bank account details. Grants have been applied for Adderstable Woods (Leader 4) and Rehabilitation Company for spreading chippings on the paths in Adderstable Woods.

Fresh Start Organisations in the village and environs have been invited under the auspices of CMPC to showcase their wares in the Village Hall on Saturday 27th January.

Website The Tourist Association has allocated monies for the revamping of their website and it is hoped that their AGM will move forward with this as it needs to be up and running before the season starts.

Beach Project A survey will be undertake on the sea wall which has been further damaged by the recent storms.A quote will be sought for the reinstatement of the Greenhills steps. The Interpretation Boards are to be moved. The Gardening Club is to be asked if it would install and maintain suitable hanging baskets along the sea front. The lighting along the sea front is ongoing with businesses showing great interest.The elms along Lester Point are disease free (perhaps from the proximity to thesea air) and need to be preserved.

Signage £2000 had been received from Tesco's and Pat was thanked for organising this. £500 had been received from DDC, £200 from the Wildlife Park and £500 from John Lovering and Yvette Gubb as DDC Councillors. A plan will be worked out for keeping the signs clean. DCC will install some of them.

Events to be combined with the T.A.. An annual Heritage Weekend incorporating the Silver Mine, Parish Church, Lime Kiln and Strawberries. The Chairman had held a meeting with the TA to try to move these forward.A grant to be applied for from AONB.

CM Advertising Leaflets There isa need for reprinting these as there are none available in tourist attractions.(T.A.)

Energy Resources Plan, Community Transport, Small Business Units

Broadband, Willow Planting, Residential Home for the elderly

All ongoing.

The House Surveys have been completed and sent in.

The Community Shop will open at Easter in the old RSPCA premises. Any surplus made will go to village organisations.

A combined CMPC store and new Football Club will be built in Holland's Park.

The first Annual Report will be presented to the village in April.

Next Meeting to be held on March 8th at 11 am.


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