CMCC Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes of CMCCT 9th November 2017

Present Peter James, Chairman, Bryan Cath,Pat Chesterton, Shirley Willoughby and Tricia Hampson.

Apologies Yvette Gubb, Martin Fletcher,Jenny Easton, Peter Wilkinson and Penny Jackson.

The previous Minutes, having been circulated, were signed as a true record.

Matters arising

A meeting with the T.A. is needed before the end of the year to enable the new  website to be up and running by the beginning of the season. Dave Sawkins would be able to coordinate artwork and content in leaflet production.

A bank account has been opened with Natwest. Signatories, twoout of three, Peter James, Ted Jones, and Pat Chesterton. The £400, as previously agreed , will now be paid to Bryan Cath. There is just under £8000 in the pot which will be transferred from the P.C. to the CMCCT account. It was agreed to apply for Leader 5 money for Adderstable Woods development and for the Beach Enhancement project.

There are now 23 ongoing projects as the Business Hub one has been dropped.


The Rehabilitation Company has worked on tidying up Adam'sHay, Bowling Green, childrens' play area and overhanging hedging on pavements.It is envisaged that it will continue to clear pavements and gutters working down the village. This has been paid for by CMPC

As there has been no spraying, the area along the cliff top when strimmed, should produce a good crop of wildflower species.

Signage As  soon as the final figures are agreed, AONB will be contacted for a grant. Peter Heanton-Jones has been supplied with information to give to the Minister for Coastal Communities.

Beach Area A quote will be obtained from the RC to reinstate the steps at Green Hills. As the reconfigured SW Coastal Path will move to that area, we need to ensure appropriate signage 'CM Beach via Green Hills steps'. The email from Jenny Carey-Wood had been circulated with very helpful suggestions.

Adderstable Woods There a 3 tons of chippings to be laid along the pathways which the PC workmen will do.Discussions will take place with Andy Bell from the Biosphere re flood prevention in the village. There is now an up to date map from the Environment Agency showing vulnerable areas.

Zip Wire  Hugh Monroe has written a study on this and the conclusion is that is not a feasible scheme for the village. There would be problems with car parking and being in an AONB. Hugh also feels CMCCT needs a much higher media profile.

Heritage Strawberries The Wyborns are still finding yet more varieties. RHS Wisley may be able to help in supplying information on cropping, taste, vulnerability to disease etc. perhaps explaining why they ceased to be grown and marketed.


There are five projects without a designated team. Volunteers will be circulated to see which they would be interested in.

Media An advertisement for a Press Officer for the CMCCT will be placed in the Shammackite.

Next Meeting will be on Wednesday 10th January 2018



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