CMCC Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Coastal Community Team, 3rd October 2019


Present; Peter James, Chairman, Bryan Cath, Shirley Willoughby and Tricia Hampson.

Apologies. Jenny Easton

Matters arising ;

The minutes will be published on the Website


Tidal Pool

With the Weir forming one side and the walkway above the sewage outlet, (which SSW has recently resurfaced) the other, it would be possible to build up the other two sides thus forming a tidal pool. It would mean the the EA’s measurements of the water quality would then be taken in saltwater not where the stream water collects due to the eddies in that part of the beach. There are already young people prepared to hold swimming lessons therein what would be a safe environment.

The chairman will put an update on the CMCCT in next month’s Shammackite.

The requirements of Natural England and the Environment Agency have now been fulfilled and the works can now begin on the three projects which the grant monies were for.

Coastal Engineering Services will reinstate the steps at Greenhills and provide a stainless steel handrail and reinstate the flat area at the base.

Michael Johns will refurbish the River Umber wall on the beach, as far as the  steps and increase its height along the edge of the stream replacing coping stones, etc.

Plans for Wheelchair access to the Scar and a BBQ area will be sent to ND Planning for approval.(This turned out to be Exmoor National Park Planning)

Heritage Trail. Shirley will bring to the next meeting a copy of a booklet from Cheddar which is very simple and effective

Care in the Community. Ongoing

The Parish Council is hoping to sow wildflower meadows and plant fruit trees in the parks now that a lot of clearance work has been done.

There is still a need for finger posts at Seaside pointing up the village to show what is available.

The Ski Icon Canoe Race ,which is an annual international event and finishes on our beach, needs to be publicised much more.



The groundwork for the Heritage Strawberries has already been done. All that remains is to identify funding

Adderstable Woods are now confirmed with the Land Registry as belonging to the Parish Council.

Energy plans not feasible

Small industrial units. Talks between the Parish Council and the Community Land Trust could be useful.

Fundraising. Now that the Community Shop is running so successfully there does not seem the need for additional ventures

Housing Survey. The CLT is now included in the mailing lists for planning applications

Willow planting.  ongoing

Bryan Cath gave a comprehensive report of the Business Association’s progress.

Peter James will produce an updated plan, thereafter the plan will be circulated to all Partners, with a request for new delegates. Then the whole plan will be reviewed.


It was agreed via email that a professional planner be engaged to undertake the planning application for the beach access works, as the details required by Exmoor National Park Planning was beyond the Exec’s capabilities.



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