Combe Martin Coastal Community Team Minutes

Minutes - 22/03/2018

Signage; Adderstable Woods; Energy Survey; Website
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Minutes - 03/10/2019

Tidal Pool; Beach Improvements; Heritage Trail; Care in the Community; High Street signage; Industrial Units; Housing Survey
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Minutes - 30/03/2017

Projects; Fundraising; Communication and Promotion; Priorities; Beach Adventure Centre; Signage; Tourism Marketing; Silver Mine; Heritage Strawberries; Heritage Trail; Heritage Guide; Major Attraction; Parks Enhancements
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Minutes - 27/04/2017

Lorna Jones projects; Energy Resources; Local shopping encouragement; Willow trees; Broadband signals; Care Home; Beach enhancement; Constitution amendment; Fund Raising; Village signage
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Minutes - 26/07/2017

Finance; Signage; Beach Enhancement; Parks; Heritage Strawberries; Adderstable Woods; Energy; Housing Survey; Flood Prevention; Public Meeting
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Minutes - 10/01/2018

Finance; Fresh Start; Website; Beach Project; Signage; Events; Advertising Leaflet; Energy Resources Plan; Community Transport; Small Business Units Broadband; Willow Planting; Residential Home for the elderly
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Minutes - 09/11/2017

Website: Banking; Projects; Signage; Beach area; Adderstable Woods; Zip Wire; Heritage Strawberries; Media
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Minutes - 13/09/2017

Treasurer post; Website; Constitution; Signage; Beach access; Projects; Public Meeting
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