A Special Place

Tucked away in the quaint village of Combe Martin amidst the beautiful North Devon countryside you’ll find a special place… a unique research and education centre…. home for three packs of awe-inspiring wolves and wolf-hybrids.

Set up by Shaun Ellis in 2010, The Wolf Centre is not an “attraction” nor even a “zoo”… it is a place to discover, to learn, to savour!


Over 20 years of studying wolf behaviour from within the pack

Shaun Ellis hasn’t just watched wolves from a distance!

Star of Channel 5 series “The Wolfman” and “Mr & Mrs Wolf”, Shaun has an exceptional bond with dogs and wolves, and his passion to understand these remarkable animals has compelled him not only to fully integrate with captive wolf packs but also to be accepted by and live amongst a totally wild wolf pack. During this time Shaun has accumulated an in-depth knowledge.

He and his team at The Wolf Centre not only offer a variety of magical experiences but also a range of specially designed dog courses focusing on Shaun’s perspective with regard to dog psychology, dog training and dog behaviour.

What you can do and experience at the wolf centre

WolfHybridWolf Hybrid Encounter

Close up interaction with a wolf hybrid…



extendedWolfHybrid-Extended Wolf Hybrid Encounter

Spend more time in the presence of a wolf hybrid



seanellisexperienceShaun Ellis Experience

Meet Shaun and find out about his life with wolves and more…



magicalexperienceVIP Wolf Centre Experience

A magical experience!



Contact Us

The Wolf Centre Office, Newberry Farm, Woodlands, Combe Martin, Devon EX34 0AT

CALL US ON: 07583 891332

E-MAIL US: discover@thewolfcentre.co.uk